Thursday, April 18, 2013

Labriola Pretzel Rolls The Best Roll Ever

There's nothing as tasty as a pretzel roll. As the character , "Max" on the hit CBS TV show "Two Broke Girls"says about them"Are they a pretzel? Are they a roll? No matter what they, are they're the bomb!" She is right! They combine the best of both  just with butter or as a sandwich.

I had the good fortune of trying Labriola Pretzel Rolls , a Chicago area favorite. These are pure heaven , especially when they've been toasted for five minutes in a toaster oven. They have the  crunchy, crackly dark exterior of a pretzel and that special pretzel taste .Inside is a melting chewy inside,that is sweet and yeasty. Even though you can use them as slider rolls, the best way is eat them is hot out of the oven , split open and slathered with butter. They were also good, used as sandwiches too.

The owner of the company, Rich Labriola is considered Illinois ' top baker . He combines Italian, German and French baking styles mixed with his own. I would love to visit his Neopolitan pizzeria and bakery in Oak Brook, Illinois(another reason to visit the relatives in Glen Ellen)just to indulge in his famed pizzas and cakes. Luckily, for us fans, the pretzel rolls are  sold  in CostCo's all over the country right now . I would buy them almost weekly and serve them with sliced knockwurst and sauerkraut.  They could also be used  as  the base for my family favorite zuppa montana, They would be perfect cooked in a chicken broth and covered with Swiss cheese.However I still love them hot, and split open, dripping with melting butter.

If you're in Illinois, Northern Indiana or Michigan, then go to your grocery and buy these amazing rolls.Hopefully Rich Labriola will make these gems a nationwide treat. They are too good to be hidden from the rest of America.

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