Thursday, February 14, 2013

Romantic Dinners Anytime

Today is Valentine's Day and there were and still are home cooked meals Luckily though a candlelit dinner can be had anytime of year. after all rehire are engagement parties and anniversaries as well as celebratory meals. Melissa Clark wrote about the perfect Valentine's Day meal in yesterday 's New York Times Dining section.She makes a rib steak along with avocados with a bagna clad sauce. this wouldn't 't be my idea of a sexy meal. Bagna clad is a Piedmontese sauce made with anchovies, melted with oil and butter. I would serve it with the steak along with Savoy cabbage. A better romantic meal is filet mignon served on buttered toast with a side of the bang sauce. pair it with a rich and hearty Barolo and it's a great dinner. as for greens , maybe an asparagus salad with a simple vinaigrette although it really is not necessary. Ms. Clark suggests a vegan chocolate mouse that's made with whipped chocolate. it doesn't have eggs or milk so it' is perfect those with allergies too. i would put this with a scoop of coffee or vanilla ice cream. Another treat is Tamasin Day Lewis( yes, her brother is that Daniel of Lincoln fame) mocha brownies. these are rich , coffee laced treats dabbed with a hazelnut . They are the most decadent little cakes that are easy to make( check put the Tube clip to see how it's done. A romantic meal shouldn't be reserved just for today. make one any time of year. love isn't just for today. it's for everyday.

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