Friday, August 17, 2012

Slush Fun

Almost everyone loves a good Slurpee or Slushee. Those mushy half frozen drinks are good on hot summer days. The only problem is that they can be too sweet or too much. The solution is making them at home which is now easy. Get a Slushy Magic and your favorite drink.

I admit I caved in for this one. I'm a huge fan of those Icee or Slushie drinks at Target . They're cool and fun along with being tasty. Unfortunately the snack bar doesn't always sell cola which I crave at times. I thought why not get something that can give you the same effect. I bought Slushy Magicand can have my frozen drink whenver I want to , It works under the premise of snowflake science. In other words , the special cubes (read little plastic bags full of salt water) transform any liquid into hundred of ice crystals. It;s easier than using a blender and ice cubes.Well it claims to be.

The kit comes with a large cup that looks like a cocktail shaker and a lid with a tiny hole in it (this is for Slushies made with soda and it lets out the gases)It also comes with a long spoon /straw as well. I froze the cubes overnight and tried it  with one of my carbonated Ice waters. These are flavored and no calorie.I thought it would make a perfect Slushie. The problem is that it takes finesse to create the perfect frozen drink. After putting in both the cubes and drink, you put the lid on the shaker and  well shake. Little did I know there would be a slight leak and my  Ice water got all over the place. After rescrewing the cap on and vigorously shaking I did get some slush - not much. I guess it takes practice.

There's nothing like a Slushie on these hot days. With Slushie Magic you can have any flavor you want. Just practice and get the perfect  cold treat .

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