Monday, August 27, 2012

Campfire Cooking

There's nothing like an end of season camp fire , especially on the beach. I recently experienced this for this first time and it was amazing. There's something about sitting around a roaring fire , sharing grub and stories. Not only that but there's a lot of fun food that can be cooked over an open lame.

Unlike a barbecue, campfire cooking is actually safer for you. It's just fire and wood along with hot stones. Food is not near any carcinogenic fluids, Usually the fire is ignited with a match or sometimes just a spark from two rocks. Before you build one however there are rules to follow. Try to build one about eight feet away from any foliage otherwise there could the the threat of a forest fire. The beach is ideal for this. Another important act is building some kind of barrier between you and the pit. This saves anyone  from falling in later on. As for kindling, use whatevers' around, sticks, branches, etc. You can start it with a match or cigarette lighter - or the very old school way with thwo rocks banged together

For food think simple.The only utensils you need are more sticks or tin foil. There's nothing like cooking hot dogs over a flame and letting them get blistered. You can also try bratwursts or any kind of sausage as well, Potatoes can also be roasted .Wrap them in  tin foil with butter and herbs and cook for a few minutes. For this you would need fireproof tongs(Or you could cook on the embers) Of course save room for the classic toasted marshmallow. Again these are easy  to toast. Get the sticks again place one or two puffs on them and toast. If you want have the Graham crackers and chocolate on the ready (although s'mores can be messy).

Nothing beats an end of season campfire.It's a fun way of communing with nature  and people. It also is a neat way to cook summer favorite foods under a brilliant and starry night sky,

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