Saturday, July 14, 2012

Plums Rediscovered

There's nothing that says summer quite like a plump juicy plum. It's flavor is sweeter than any candy and it;s just fun to bite into. Another version of it, the prune is another great treat(don't smirk, it really is!)

I love plums any time of year, but especially now during the hot weather. I think it;s because of my grandfather planted a plum tree in our backyard and every summer we had deep purple Italian plums. These are smaller than the ones we get today in the supermarket but just as sweet. To me they were better than any ice cream or cookie.They still are. There's nothing like a chilled one for dessert with iced tea or seltzer.Better yet plums don't need embellishment like cream as strawberries do or be dipped in caramel like apples and pears. Because their taste is just perfectly satisfying, they're just good on their own. One caveat though, once you eat one, you'll want another.They can be a bit strong on the stomach  but that's it.

Dried plums or prunes are another treat. Yes, they are used as a laxative and are the drink of choice by most old people. Yet the taste is like that of a ripe plum, sweet, mellow and earthy. Surprisingly one famed soft drink is made with prune juice  and that is Dr. Pepper. You can make your own with eighty percent juice to twenty percent (just a splash ) of seltzer. The taste is the same without all the extra added corn syrup. Another treat is Sunsweet, Plum Bits. Sunsweet has long been the distributor of prunes and has even campagined to change the name to dried plums. They;ve come up with an addictive snack - dried plum but dipped in dark chocolate. These are the greatest and one of the most healthiest treats for you.Instead of reaching for other candies have these.A bag will be gone in a day.

Instead of the usual summer berries and melons try plums and prunes instead. They are a wonderful treat whether in fruit or juice form for a summer day.Rediscover their earthy, sweetness as a true warm weather snack.

Happy Bastille Days to all my French and francophile fooie readers. Bon fete toute le personne!

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