Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fun With Dinner

Sometimes a summer dinner can lack luster.Thanks to hot weather it's just a quick thrown together salad or sandwich. However supper can  made made exciting again, just by serving it differently or adding a different spin on it.Dinner can not only be tasty but a real treat to eat.

Warm weather brings about salads. Let's face it they're easy to literally toss together and just douse with dressing. However a dinner of raw veggies can be made fun. Instead of  salad use bite sizd pieces of tomatoes,broccoli, and cauliflower along with celery bits, olives and peppers. Forget the lettuce. Now instead of the usual vinaigrette  try a fun  homemade French dressing made with two tablespoons of mayo to one tablespoons of ketchup(you can also make more if you'd like)Another idea is a fresh raw veggie kabob with a tangy honey mustard dip,

Sandwiches along with grilled meats can get a punching up too. Create barbecued mini heroes by taking a French or Italian bread, stuffing it to  the max with cold cuts and cheeses and then slicing it into smaller snadwiches. These can then be toasted over the grill  to get the cheeses melted and gooey. Hamburgers can be turned into sliders by either dividing already made patties or making smaller meat ball sized ones. Get mini rolls for them and  then create some fun and interesting dips. For hot dogs cut them into quarters and wrap some biscuit dough around them for pigs in blankets.

Dinner can be made  fun  if you try a different or another way to serve it. Have a good time with a summer supper. Doing this will bring a smile to everyone's faces.

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