Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pimms A Summer English Classic

The English know how to celebrate summer. There are breezy afternoon teas, along with outdoor cocktail parties.Their food and , especially their drinks are classic with a twist of elegance. This applies to that British standard Pimms. Surprisingly enough a new generation of Americans are discovering this warm weather must and they're enjoying it as much as they're enjoying anything British from ColdPlay to Kate Middleton.

The tasty libation was the subject of an article in today's New york Times Dining section. Usually devoted to food, this week's section was almost completely devoted to summer drinking. Pimms is one of those warm weather classic drinks , held beloved on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. The piece's writer , Robert Simonson, explores the drinks history and different recipes. Pimms was started in  1823 by Englishman James Pimm, a Kentish farmer who opened an oyster bar in London. It was originally made for aiding in digestion. The recipe included quinine and a variety of different bitter herbs.The Number one is based on gin and has a mild spicy and citrus-y flavor that appeals to everyone.

Pimms usually is usually mixed with lemonade for the summer months. It can also be mixed with ginger ale or Champagne for a lighter but more powerful cocktail. Vegetables such as cucumbers and borage and fruit such as apples, strawberries and orange and lemons are also put into a Pimms cup.A new recipe, introduced by Manhattan bartender,Maks Pazuniak adds pineapple juice to it for a more tropical flavor while the bar The Napoleon House  mixes the drink with lemonade and 7 UP.Pimms can also be blended with watermelon or even cantaloupe juice for a refreshing cocktail, perfect on a warm summer's night.,

The British know how to celebrate summer right with a Pimm's cocktail. Open a bottle, add what you want and celebrate with the same English flair and style. It's a cool and sophisticated way to enjoy the warm weather.

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