Friday, May 4, 2012

Wendy's Fresh Side

Just when you thought the fast food chain Wendy's seemed happy to settle, it shakes things up. It has recently added some new sides. These are innovative and a far cry from what its' competitors are offering. They're a new spin on fast food.

Baked mac, sweet potatoes and chili cheese fries are what you might get at a diner. However the chain is now offering them as part of their new side menu. This is a  fresh start from the usual burger barn fare however Wendy's has always been a little cutting edge , more so than McDonald's and Burger King in its' food choices. It offered side salads before a few others did.It was the first to sprinkle the healthier sea salt on its' fries.Wendy's also gave a variety of sauces with their chicken nuggets  which was another first too when most were just giving customers only  ketchup with theirs.

The new sides are great , especially when paired with other sides. The baked mac is creamy and especially cheesy with shredded cheddar sprinkled on top. Add Wendy's side Caesar salad and it's a filling meal, perfect for an easy and quick dinner. Their sweet potato is a meal in itself, being the sized of the chain;s baked potato. It comes with a cup of a butter and brown sugar mix. and is nicely baked. It's perfect on its' own along with the chili cheese fries. Of course these are the perfect burger go with however , paired with a frosty float, are a great and satisfying snack (however a bit unhealthy thanks to all that red meat and cheese on top - treat yourself to them once in a great while!)

Wendy's is always on the cutting edge of offering interesting food. Their new sides are testimony to this. They are novel for fast food chains usually offering the same dull burgers and fries.

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