Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Rare Find A Healthy Potato Chip!

Is there such a thing as a healthy potato chip? Surprisingly yes! It seems like a health nut
s dream come and it is! There is a company out there that makes yummy yet good for you munchies.

Who is this miracle company? It is Good Health Natural Foods and they make a variety of tasty all natural snacks. They're also responsible for making all natural soaps and body washes - totally unusual for a food company. The company is dedicated to creating healthy treats from their base in Greensboro, North Carolina They started with Veggie Stix which are like French fries  and progressed to olive oil potato chips and polenta corn chips.They also have a baked hummus chip Humbles which is one of the first around. All of their products are low in saturated fat and have no artificial ingredients.I found the chips at my local Walgreens but they can also be bought at Drugstore.com.

How do those healthy chips taste? I bought the rosemary ones  and they are amazing! It's like eating new potatoes fresh from the oven! They are crispy and flavorful without that usual potato chip oiliness, The rosemary and sea salt are nice additions, because herbs are rarely used in making chips and the usual one is laden with just regular salt. I can't wait to try their polenta corn chips as well as their half naked organic popcorn and pizza flavored Veggie Stix Good Health Natural Foods also have apple chips for those with a sweet tooth as well as peanut butter stuffed pretzels , Humbles and whole grained crackers.

For those health addict lusting for a good snack, try Good Health Natural  Foods olive oil potato chips. These are just right for watching a  movie or a nice accompaniment with juice on a hike. Either way they are a refreshing change from the usual salt and oil laden ones!

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