Thursday, May 10, 2012

Healthy Food , Tasty Food

As I've been almost everyone from reader to friends to family healthy eating doesn't have to be blah.In fact it can be downright delicious. It's just a matter of knowing what to eat. Good for you food can be just as yummy as the bad for you kind. The best part is that it comes with some very good benefits.

This is what the author Peter Kaminsky is trying to stress in his latest book"Culinary Intelligence" published by Knopf.  He was featured in yesterday's New York Times Dining section yesterday in an article by the section's regular contributor, Jeff Gordenier. Mr. Kaminsky was a former food critic writing for New York magazine's Underground Gourmet. unfortunately gourmand dining took its'toll on his health He had  blimped up to 205 pounds and was borderline diabetic . A change in habits and a serious drive to eat better changed him around. he still indulges in foods such as bacon and sausages but in very small quantities.

He out his theories into practice during a trip to Manhattan's famed Eataly food emporium , He tells readers as well as Mr Gordinier who trailed along to avoid processed ingredients. he nixes white flour, sugar and potatoes as most nutritionists suggest. However he does not ban dark chocolate , bacon butter and Italian sausage. Mr. Kaminsky recommends eat them sparingly and in small quantities. Eataly provided him with some other choices he thoroughly endorsed such as anchovies chickpeas , capers, plain yogurt olive oil and roasted almonds. These are perfect ingredients and some such as the chickpeas and almonds are just good as snacks,. He also recommends porcini mushrooms, olives and spelt pasta.. The best bet is looking for brown - whole wheat , more naturally made foods.

Eating right  and eating tasty is what we all want for ourselves Mr. Kaminksy's book makes it easy. Healthy foods don't have to be bland tasting .They  can be just as flavorful and fun as the bad for you goodies.

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