Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Floating Into Summer

This is the time of year when both thirsts and temps run high. What can satisfy someone on a hot summer's evening? What's the perfect mix of cool and flavor? An ice cream soda, that's what.

An ice cream soda is just a fun treat - and it's wonderful escape during a hot day or night. It's been around since the 1890's when Dr Robert green made the first one in Philadelphia PA.It was originally made with cream until he ran out and then ice cream was subbed in. The classic float involves one or two scoops of vanilla or chocolate , seltzer and some chocolate syrup. Most old fashioned ice cream parlors then gild the lily with a spritz of whipped cream and a cherry on top (or sprinkles) . You can make this or add a twist with flavored seltzer such as black cherry or wild berry. Ice cream can be any kind , from the traditional three of chocolate, vanilla or strawberry or  the newer flavors such as cookies and cream or Rocky Road.Soda can be the usual seltzer or any cola. Root beer is the best choice  , especially with vanilla ice cream.

Of course there are some that will moan about the calories and the sugar. Any ice cream soda should have some fizz . Keep the seltzer but sub in either slow churned ice cream (such as Edy's or Turkey Hill). You'll still have the creaminess that's associated with the treatbut not as much sugar or fat than if you made it with Coke or Pepsi and regular ice cream,.Another idea is try a sorbet or sherbet. This makes for a low calories , fizzy cool drink. It's also a refreshing way to enjoy sorbet, especially the fruit flavored kinds. You can also add some sliced fruit to these such as peaches or strawberries or toss in a few blueberries blackberries.

An ice cream soda is a great way to beat the heat. It's sweet and fun along with being cool. Make one today to get a blast of something cold and refreshing!

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