Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kid Crusader For Healthy Food

Kids are usually the first to balk at healthy eating. However tween Marshall Reid is the first to actually promote it as well as relish it.  This North Carolina kid is becoming a revolutionary force in the healthy eating campaign , pushing other school kids across the country to follow his example. The best part is it's working and he's able to change diets as well as attitudes.

Marshall's story was the highlight of yesterday's New York Times Dining section. The interview, conducted by Jan Hoffman tells of a bullied child, teased for his weight and how he took control of both. He decided to go the opposite of  the movie"Supersize Me" and portion sized his eating habits. He lost weight and drove down his weight. Exercise also helped however switching from processed and fast foods was the real benefit. Gone was all the extra salt and sugar  and in its' stead fresh fruit and veggies. It also helped that Marshall took an interest in cooking too. He also prepares healthy and fun dishes for himself and his family.

Marshall is now reaching out to kids throughout the US and the world with his good eating habits and advice. He has several You Tube videos that are entertaining and informative (it's no wonder this personable kid has a large fan following.) as well as his book Portion Size Me, that he wrote with his mom Alexandra.With her , his dad, Dan, and older sister, JordanMarshall holds quiz shows entitled Healthy Snack War Challenges in which grade schoolers have to answer questions about nutrition and food. He is doing as much as British chef, Jamie Oliver, is in trying to change our young's eating habit. He is succeeding and getting fellow grade schoolers away from burgers and fries, chips and soda..

Give Marshall Reid a few more months and this champion of kid's eating might even have his own TV show. Despite his age he is a maverick in getting America's youth to eat properly . Thanks to him , we just may have a generation of healthy eaters.

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