Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Homemade Hostess Treats

Now with the Hostess company bankrupt  there's going to be a gap in where to get these treats. Fans could swiitchc over to other brands - but they lose the taste. Another idea is to make them yourself. They, along with some other snacks, are pretty easy to recreate.In fact the taste could even be better.Another plus is that there are no preservatives.

This was the topic of an article in today's New York Times Dining section. The nostalgic piece , written by Jennifer Steinhauer, tells about how anyone can create the classic squiggle cupcake or  Twinkie. She also throws in Oreos and Fritos(don't worry, they 're not going anywhere) All the treats are relatively easy to make, maybe just the stuffing of both the Twinkies and  cupcakes could be a bit troublesome for the novice baker.People may be surprised at what the sweets actually are. Twinkies is nothing more than a  sponge cake with a marshmallow fluff  filling and the cupcakes are just regular chocolate piped with the same fluff.The tastes are more or less similar however the textures aren't quite as springy as the original.bakers have to watch how they copy  the treats.  Give Hostess credit for this,

Ms. Steinhauer also recreates the classic Oreo and Frito corn chips. Recreating the Oreos  was a bit hard to make and they had to be redone a few times. She had trouble with both the  rich brown coloring as well as the taste. Roll the dough in cocoa powder for extra color and add some coffee to it for the slightly bitter taste. For the Fritos corn chips., she just fried squares of cornmeal in veggie oil. Her Super Bowl guests liked them but preferred the original. She did get some advice from the companies kitchens on how to create all the treats. However people will always prefer the real deal.

Give Hostess, along with Nabisco and Frito Lay credit. They took easy and simple recipes and turned them into billion dollar treats. Fans,m however can recreate these fun treats on their own.

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