Monday, December 26, 2011

Quiet Simple Food

This is the season, and especially the week for rich foods. Between Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year's , our diets go crazy with an overload of sweets, meats and alcohol. During this down time, think about eating simple. It's easy. It's just trimming away the fat literally,

A good idea is to start off right.A decent well balanced breakfast is always appreciated. It;s also a great way to top off a day that may have more treats than "normal" food. After lush holiday brunches of french toasts and fancy omelets, return to simplicity with just plain whole wheat toast or oatmeal. Lunch can be simple salads (and this is a head start on all those New Year's diets) or soup. You can have sandwiches, but try to stick with just simple cold cuts on white or wheat bread. Stay away from mayo and butter (which you probably had lots of at all those X-mas parties). Instead use mustard or ketchup which have less calories.

It's hard not to have a sumptuous dinner during the holidays. Old friends call and want to go out or invite you over. If you're heading to a restaurant ,choose the plainest food on the menu. Think about a broiled salmon or chicken.Finish with sides of steamed spinach or Brussels sprouts as opposed to anything fried or with sauce. Desserts out can be fun but fattening, Thanks to a week of buttery cookies and boozy fruitcakes you may want to opt for a fresh fruit platter or just coffee and tea. Even a flavored coffee or cappuccino can be a little over the top this week. If friends do insist, then share something with the table. This means one or two spoonfuls. You can still have that rich chocolate mousse or carrot cake with ice cream.

Treat your tummy well this week and veer back to a simple diet. It's tempting to keep eating all those holiday goodies. Yet, it's a more a present to treat it right with good ,and nutritious foods. You'll feel a lot better.

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