Thursday, November 3, 2011

Macarons Dans Manhattan

New York City has always embraced the latest trends. From fashion to cars to food, the Big Apple takes a bite out of anything cutting edge. The same is true for sweets. Macarons, the latest import from France, is becoming the darling of society. They are now found everywhere, from the heart of the city to the boroughs.

The sweet Gallic treat was the subject of an article written in yesterday's New York Times Dining section,. in the $25 And Under column by Ligaya Mishan. A few words of clarification first. Macarons are not macaroons ,those drops of coconut that can be cookie or softball sized depending on the baker. Macarons are more delicate, being almond flavor in taste . They are usually filled with some sort of ganache or creme.also come in a variety of colors from Easter egg pastels to psychedelic brights. Ms. Mishan was able to test the best and the worst and came up with eight good macaron bakers in the New York City area. Here are some of them.

The most famous is Laduree on the Upper East Side. Theirs is obviously the best because this is a French patisserie with roots in France. The bakery was founded in 1862 in Paris and is also known for its' cakes and homemade chocolates. It is also credited with creating the macaron sandwich in the early 1900's. Now it creates sighs of pleasure from any enthusiast who bites into the eggshell like crust and chewy center. Another one to visit La Maison du Chocolat, again located on the Upper East Side. This is the perfect one for chocolate lovers.All their macarons are filled with chocolate ganache infused with pistachio, coffee and salted caramel. Other patisseries mentioned are Almondine in the trendy Park Slope section of Brooklyn and Little Oven at Long Island City, right across the East River. I am going to try La Maison du Macaron in Chelsea, a favorite neighborhood of mine. Theirs are supposedly sweeter than the average treat however they offer a variety of flavors including , fig, vanilla, Calvados and champagne.

If you're in Manhattan this holiday season, stop for that latest loved treat, the macaron. Experience a plate of them with strong coffee after a day of holiday shopping or just sight seeing. They are parfait -vraiment - during a crisp fall day in new York City.

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