Monday, September 20, 2010

A North Jersey Classic

New Jersey is full of iconic eating places. There's the Tick Tock Diner in Clifton, the Galloping Hill Grill in Union and of course Pizza Town USA in Elmwood Park, right on another NJ icon Rte 46. This last has been turning out crispy crust pizzas for over fifty years. The best part is they haven't changed any of their recipes. This is what has earned them the title of "New Jersey's Best Pizza" in NJ Monthly.

Pizza Town USA started out as a roadside stand right off the Parkway North Exit. Its' original structure hasn't changed It's basically an stand with a screened outer wall. The tables are basic , just a few picnic style ones set out. Pizza Town has been owned by the Tomo family since 1958. What is great is that the Tomos keep the same recipes and they have plain old pizza - nothing fancy or yuppie influenced. This is what I like about the food. It;s simple .Pizza calzones, zeppolis and heroes. Typical Friday night meal or weekend with friends fare.

The pizzas are phenomenal.Their crust is the best I've tasted. Crispy and dry with that just out of the oven taste. I love the fact that you can still get anchovies as a topping. No other pizzeria offers that choice these days. I didn't order that but got one covered in chewy mushrooms and extra sauce - which again is fantastic, It's what pizza sauce should taste like with a tang. They also serve birch beer - again perfect with pizza. My next trip back will definitely be to get that classic calzone pizza dough filled with ricotta and ham. Of course I'm also going to get the freshly fried zeppoli too.

If you're in the Elmwood Park area some night , stop off at Pizza Town USA.It's a trip back to the past but also to when fast food was genuinely good. You'll enjoy it, from a slice of fresh made pizza to a gooey calzone.

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