Saturday, September 18, 2010


There's nothing like jam on a warm English muffin or well buttered toast. Even bette r is when you make it. Now that the summer harvest is done with it's time to try jam making. With the right equipment, It's relatively easy and;s also a great Saturday afternoon activity the whole family can profit from.

I know everyone has qualms about jam making. After all it does come with a bad rap.preserve the wrong way and you've got problems namely a deadly botulism. However if don e the right way you have homemade jams that can be enjoyed whether in crepes or on muffins. You do need th e right equipment though such as sterilized jars, paraffin for sealing and two piece metal lids. You'll also need a kettle or large pot for cooking along with pectins for preserving Pectins are thickening agents derived from fruit. This is what holds the mixture together and give jams and jellies their texture.

What kind of jams to make? Apples are big right now along with pears. You can make either a n apple butter (sooo good on fresh made bread or some kind of apple chutney. Pears lend themselves to some wonderful jams too. You can also make a spicy butter from them too using nutmeg. The English go for blackberries this time of year and English kitchen are full of jars of the stuff freshly made into jam. There;s a wonderful site that has dozens upon dozens of ideas . Go to it if you want just simple recipes or looking for more adventurous ones.

Takes your harvests and turn them into jams. There's nothing like waking up on a cool morning to a cup of coffee and homemade jam spread on buttered toast or English muffin! better yet you have your favorite fruit flavors to choose from

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