Thursday, July 1, 2010

July Means Grilling Time!!!

Now that it's July , it's time to get the grill all ready and fired up for some delicious meals ahead. Again yesterday's New York Times Dining section had an excellent article written by of course, Mark Bittman, about grilling and recipes ideas. Remember grilling is not just burgers and dogs . It's everything from peppers to pork, from cheese to caramel. You can literally cook almost every meal out on the grill.

Most people usually just choose meats for their grilling experience. This is the safest route but there can be some variety. You can think about broadening your horizon by including pork cuts and even lamb to shrimp and scrod. Nothing beats lamb chops from an open flame. Or try shrimp kabobs at this year's Fourth of July barbecue. Even grilled cheese can be grilled outdoors. Us e think slices of white bread any cheese and add in tomatoes and even bacon. For another twist , grill bread cubes cherry tomatoes and olives on a stick for some fun as well. Grilled veggies go good in any salad especially peppers, tomatoes, corn kernels and eggplant. These add not only color but a deep smoky richness to just mixed greens and a simple vinaigrette.

Remember that fruits can be grilled as well. Peaches are the all time preferred because they re easy to fix and cook up nicely. You may wan to serve them afterwards with ice cream or on pound cake with a drizzle of peach schnappes. Grilled watermelon is new but it;s tasty as is grilled grapefruit with brown sugar. Another fun one is grilled bananas served with caramel sauce.

Nothing beats a summer around the grill. get creative this season with different meat sand harvests for a spin on this classic technique. see how many things you can put over the open coals for new tastes and textures.

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