Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yummy Little Cakes

We see them all over. they're waiting for us in their high caloric goodness, almost ready to pounce from our 7-11's and Krausers' counters. What are they ? Those yummy little snack cakes that are both comfort food and energy booster. Other countries probably have them as well. I can't imagine the English not having something cakey to sink their teeth into around 2 or 3 PM.

Hostess is probably one of the oldest snack cake manufacturers world wide. It started in the 1920's a division of Continental Bakery . For decades their chocolate cupcakes with the white icing squiggle and their Twinkies have been everything from dessert to breakfast. Mostly they make a good after school snack and a good pick me up at work. (granted they're not as glamorous as the Italian version tiramisu) but they do the job. Hostess also has good banana ands carrot cakes as well.

Here we have the Little Debbies and Drake's cake to satisfy our sweet teeth even more. Little Debbies' has that great Southern treat, the moon pie. This is a gooey mix of marshmallow fluff layered on a giant cookie or cake and then drenched in chocolate coating. It's usually drunk with Coke or cherry wine. (not really wine but a super sweet soda made in the Carolinas). Drake's has got some goodies of their own. Their Yankee Doodle cupcakes are actually of bakery quality.They're just a plain cream filled cake with no icing and no gimmick. The Drakes yodels, a variation of the classic Swiss Roll is another childhood treat I've brought with me to adulthood.

Let's jhear ot from you foodies out there.What's you favorite snack cake and when do you like to eat it? Also what do you drink with it? Coffee tea, or Coke? Let me know here at Foodie Pantry

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