Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mini Mes

These days everything seems to have shrunken, including our food.From muffins to cookies, our favorite things have gone down in size. Are they any good? As my mom always says all good things come in small packages, and that includes foods.

Anything mini is good from planning on a small meal for yourself or throwing a large affair. I recently bought a bag of sixteen mini croissants and found that they could be used a small sandwiches along side of a salad or as hot rolls accompanying a soup.Small muffins are great to make and serve You can make double the batch amount of the larger kind and also make them in a variety of tastes. .You can also try your hand at making them in different flavors from the traditional blueberry to something funkier like a cranberry granola or a n orange wheat germ.They're perfect at brunches where they cna accompany omlets and stratas along with bacon and eggs.

Minis aren't just relegated to baked goods. There are baby veggies such as asparagus and corn that look wonderful accompanying a chicken quarter or even a Cornish hen. Brussels sprouts, although not really miniatures themselves , are perfect little cabbages and can ring a nice slice of ham or turkey. Grape tomatoes, a hybrid, created for their small size is perfect in a salad or even grilled onto kabobs.The last you surely can't do with with regular tomatoes(although you can't make sauce with grape tomatoes.Too much acid and also the taste will disappear when cooking).

Mini foods are great. They're easier to eat than their bigger versions as well as being more versatile. Try some today whether they be croissants, muffins or veggies with your dinner,

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