Monday, February 2, 2009

Spain's Culinary Wonders

Spain is known for many things including excellent cuisine. The country has many different provinces and different examples of regional cooking. It is centuries old and full of native meats and vegetables. There is tapas, seafood, rice and flan , all traditional, all good.

Spanish food has both Arab and European influences. The country was first settled by Greeks, Romans and Phoenicians who brought with them their love of olive oil and good wine. The Arabs also claimed the peninsula and gave Spain. their different sweets and cakes. The Celts also had settlements in Northern Spain in Asturias and gave that region some of their food preferences. The Spaniards also love saffron and any of their dishes are seasoned with it. It is one of the main ingredient s in their national dish, paella.

Spain has some excellent seacoasts that provide the country with shrimp, lobster and eels. The interior is home for pig farms which give the Spanish their beloved serrano ham. Veal is also big in Spain especially in the north.Other crops like the tomato and potato have come when the country was the dominant leader in discovery.

Spain is an interesting country with a variety of different dishes and tastes. It's a major influence on world cooking as well.

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