Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Spins On Old Classics

Old recipes are the greatest. You get a sense of tradition along with rib sticking meals. However as with anything old, sometimes they need tweaking to be a bit more accommodating. Anyone can put a new spin on an old classic Updating recipes keeps them fresh and interesting too.

Currently I'm obsessed with updating rice pudding. I'm not too fond of this classic dessert to be gin with but I found a recipe that calls for brown rice. Now that intrigues me. It also call for non traditional recipes such as nutmeg and maple syrup. As with any rice pudding there are to be raisins but I've decided to add almonds for crunch and texture. Thanks to all of these ingredients, the traditional bland mix is now turned into something a bit wilder and earthier.

If you have a recipe that you;re bored with tweak it up some. For example bruschetta can always use an extra kick with a layer of spicy salami added to it. Grilled cheese can benefit from thick slabs of ham under the cheese or subbing regular cheddar with pepper jack. Pasta sauce can be made healthier with chicken instead of the traditional beef . You can even add more spices to it for a pasta arriabiata. For cakes and cookies think about tweaking up classic recipes. Everyone appreciates a chocolate chocolate chip cake or an oatmeal cookie with walnuts instead of with raisins.

Have fun with your old recipes. Tweak them a bit to create new and tasty spins. It'll make dinner and dessert a bit more fun.

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