Friday, January 16, 2009

Guilty Pleasures Foodie Style

OK, fellow foodies, here's the first big question of 2009 - what's your guiltiest food pleasure?

For this foodie it has to be Pepperidge's Farm's Sugar Cookie. Yes, I know to other fellow food lovers it 's probably the most boring thing out there but not to me. There's something almost sinful about the way the cookie snaps under my teeth or the melange of different ingredients coming together to create a very comforting taste. These are the downfalls of my diet. I can eat an entire bag during the course of a day. They're irresistible.

Another treat that's almost right on a part with the PFSC's are Skittles. I rediscovered these over the Christmas holidays and now can't get enough of them. After all that cloying holiday chocolate there's something refreshing about the tart little bursts of fruit flavor. Plus they're just fun to eat.

These are some of my guiltiest food pleasures ( I can go on and on about my favorite restaurant, Villa Napoli's old fashioned cheeseless pizza) . Write in . I'm curious as to what everyone else's guiltiest food pleasures are.

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