Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Goodness Of Brown Rice

This is the season to stock up on healthy foods. One of those is brown rice. It's versatile enough to b e made into main meals and desserts. It's also chock full of vitamins and minerals, essentials to fighting colds and viruses.

Why is brown rice healthier than white rice when they're basically the some thing? Because only the hull is washed off of the brown where as the white is stripped of everything. White rice is the result of scrubbing away several different layers to produce a pure white kernel. It was preferred eating because brown was connected with poverty. However it's this kind that provides you with manganese and magnesium along with selenese. Brown rice is also an excellent source of fiber.

What to do with brown rice? It' an excellent accompaniment to any stir fry.It can also be a good stuffing for turkey . It is also a versatile side that can be mixed with chopped veggies and nuts for a protein and vitamin packed boost.As with white rice, leftover brown rice can be turned into rice salad. Just add some broccoli , sliced peppers, onions, and tomatoes. You can also make a healthy rice pudding with it too. Use honey or maple syrup as a sweetener and add some sliced almonds.

This winter, try to incorporate at least four servings of brown rice a week into your meals. It';s a good way to add much needed vitamins and minerals during this cold and virus season.

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