Friday, January 2, 2009

Foodie Predictions 2009

This is only the second day of the New Year but already there are predictions as to what will be the foods of the year. 2009 might be the year of innovation but it might also be the year that we discover old favorites. What will our palates crave in these next 12 month?

It seems the New York Times Food section has already predicted that salted caramel will be hot in '09. Our president and first lady elect , the Obamas are mad about homemade caramel that has a shot of smoky sea salt added. These are created by Fran's a longstanding Seattle candy company. More mainstream companies like Hershey's and Russell Stover will be jumping on this bandwagon and giving us these unique goodies (although they've long been a favorite in Brittany where they originated from).

I think shaved ice, that Hawaiian classic and Barack Obama's favorite boyhood treat will also be popular. People will be rediscovered Hawaiian cuisine thanks to our new president. Another prediction is that Chicago will be rediscovered as a foodie town , again due to President elect Obama's roots there. Why not? The town has a rich tradition of good Italian, German and Polish food. It's also has a lush history of the meat industry and producing hearty steaks and burgers.
Other predictions? New York State residents will drop regular soda from their diets thanks to the tax Governor Patterson has proposed. More fast food restaurants like Wendy's and Mc Donald's will be putting out more salads and following Subway's menu of healthier sandwiches. On the home front , people may be reaching back to Fifties recipes, thanks to movies like "Revolutionary Road" (Jello salad, T-bone steak and highballs, anyone?)

OK, foodies, what do you think will be the culinary hits and misses of 2009? Write in and let me know.

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