Monday, January 19, 2009

Fair Trade Foods

Conscientious foodies should be well aware of fair trade practices and foodstuffs. In order to support new businesses and hemp empower nations we must buy their items. There is a lot to go for, from cocoa and tea to various fruits and vegetables.

Where to find these companies? Look on the web. Go to any search engine and type in fair trade foods. You'd be surprised at what come s up. For the US there is Garuda International, for the UK there is Fair Trade Foods. Also look to your local stores and hangouts to buy fair trade coffee and tea and baked good with fair trade spices and cocoas.

On this day we can be inspired by the man we honor and think of others who need us. For foodies that means helping countries who depend on our cravings for coffee and tea, chocolate bars and spice cookies.

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