Friday, November 28, 2008

Uh Oh!!!! Leftovers!!!

They're there, lurking in your fridge, waiting for you behind that yogurt and diet soda. What are these scary little critters?


Yup, every household that has cooked yesterday shoudl have a half gravy boat left and the remains of Mr Tom Turkey. There also may be a few ice cold Brussels sprouts and some mushy yams to deal with as well. Don't despair. There are a ton of ways to despose of your feast.

I'm sure that a few thousand households across the US are eating hot turkey sandwiches today. Good move. Gravy is the first leftover to go and you want to use it up ASAP. Put a different spin on it by using fresh croissants or those lovely yellow egg infused rolls supermarkets and bakeries sell. You can also hea t up your stuffing in the microwave and use it as the base. There's nothing like a cold turkey sandwich either. Try it with a tarragon mayonnaise or even a curry mustard. Of course you can make turkey soup using it for every kind from cream of to noodle.

Vegetables are another detrius of a holiday meal. Luckily you can reheat them in the microwave with some butter or margerine. If you're watching your weight then rehaeat with a few drops of olive oil. If the dish was too bland to begin with, liven it up with some chopped garlic or even better yet- minced scallions. Whole yams can be sliced up and sauteed or even mashed. Turnips can be cubed and then recooked with some olive oil and sea salt.

At this point there should be very little dessert left.Yet there's always that one stray piece of pie left over. Liven it up by a quick microwaving and top with ice cream. You cad some pumpkin pie spice or crushed pecans as toppings.The same treatment goes for any plain or pound cake that happens to be left over too.

Don't be fearful of all those extras left from yesterday. Be creative with them. They'll be gone before you know it.

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