Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mall Food

I was one of the first generation of mall rats. Weekends were spent at the local mall shopping and heading to the food court. Some thirty years I'm still a mall rat (and thankfully a much smarter shopper.) Yet I can't resist the lure of anything my neighborhood mall has to offer. Nowadays there's some really good stuff there. It's not just burgers and fries anymore.

I have to admit my new favorite is Villa Pizza. This is a spin off from New York City's Villa Pizza near the famous Ed Sullivan Theater. Their avocado salad is the best. Imagine a Caesar salad chock full of thick ,creamy slices of avocado covered in Parmesan cheese.Another favorite is their Neapolitan pizza which is a thin, crispy, crust topped with a rich tomato sauce. Not to be outdone is the chain Great Wraps. This is a neat place where you can buy any kind of wrap along with their curly fries. The fries themselves are awesome because there are six different kind of flavored salts you can sprinkle on them.

Looking for dessert? If you haven't tried the Yolato stand in your mall now is the time. It sells both low cal yogurt gelati and sorbet in a host of flavors. I'm gearing up for their watermelon sorbet on my next trip. Another mall must have is the Nestle's cookies. These stands are few and far between but the product, fresh baked toll house cookies are even better than Mrs Fields's. (sorry, Mrs, F)

OK, America and the world (who has surely visited at least one American shopping mall by now) What's your favorite mall food? Write me here at Foodie Pantry. I'm up for shopping around for a new mall favorite.

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