Thursday, October 23, 2008

Little Luxuries

During this economic crises it's nice to indulge in something not too costly but satisfying. It's easy with food and drink. There are so difference things to indulge in and if you do it once a month it's not a drain on your budget.

If you're going to splurge on liquor make it a fun buy. There are some flavored vodkas out there right now that are perfect on their own or mixed with other drinks and juices. You can get everything form chocolate raspberry to even banana. Champagne is another indulgent spend. You don't have to get the really expensive kind. Asti Spumonte, made in Piedmonte is the same as any bubbly made in the actual Champagne region of France. It's just as delicious and delivers the same kick. Fruit infused and flavored red and white wines are fun buys. They're not as expensive as some wines and are good for a night home with friends. if you want a really indulgent buy go with a moderately priced cognac and brandy. Use these to relax after a hard or scary week at work.

As for food, well, chocolate is always the way to go.There are some luxe brands at your local grocery store. Cote d'Or and Ghiradelli are premium brands and can be found next to the usual bags of Snickers and Three Musketeers. the bars are larger than average. Break them up over ice cream or eat plain. To me real Vermont maple syrup is an indulgent and I love when friends bring me back a bottle after a weekend tip there. I can also buy my store in house brand and indulge in waffles with the syrup and real butter. (yes butter to me is the ultimate indulgence). Another indulgence is avocados . These are expensive in my neck of the wood but worth it. Once can be made into a salad or guacamole. Certain fruits are indulgences as well, thanks to their high pricing. Shrimp or crab are other treats that you can have once month. Some supermarkets have pre made shrimp cocktails . Buy one for yourself for a weekend treat.

Remember treating yourself is important during these hard times. You can go off the budget every so often (once a month is good) . Just go for your favorite food or drink then enjoy!!!!

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