Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Good Food Cents

The financial crises has hit everyone across the board. All of us have been affected one way or another. We're faced with a lot of food related decisions right now. After all not only are out pocketbooks affected but our fridges and stomachs as well. How do we deal with this financial down turn?

As far as with grocery shopping the best bet is to buy generic, look for sales and coupon clip. In house brands are just as good and tasty as the national ones. They're also a lot cheaper. If your kids are brand loyal and hate the fact you're buying the store brand, explain to them that those cookies and chips are the same and even better than the real thing. Remember that in house brands are further discounted if you buy two or three of the same thing during sales times. This is great when stocking up on soups, rice, mashed potatoes, sauces and pastas. Sales play another important factor in today's economy. If there's a two for sale, go for it, especially for canned goods. It pays to stock up on canned veggies anyway and if you can get them for ten to twenty cents cheaper then load up that pantry. Also look at sales tables in your store's bread and cake aisles as well. Coupons are the third part of economical shopping. Scour your Sunday papers and look for ones you know you'll use. Also take advantage of store coupons as well as any on line ones. You'll also recieve coupons if you write glowing letters to your favorite brands. Companies are always appreciative of receiving fan mail and they will 'reward' loyal customers with something.

The big dilemma during this time is whether to eat out or not. You should support your local and favorite restaurants however go easy on your visits. Try to limit it to once a week or once every two weeks. Take advantage of early bird specials or discounts at the chain restaurants. Also look for coupons in the Sunday or local papers too. If anything you'll be able to get a free appetizer, drink or dessert. Fast food restaurants are another matter. Many like Wendy's have 99 cent meals or different combos at discounted prices. Again take advantage of these.A minus here is that fast food is fattening. Try to limit your burger and fries intake and go for the cheapest salad instead.

This money crunch doesn't mean that your diet has to be crunched as well. As with anything shop and eat wisely so that you'll be able to save. You can still eat well on a budget.

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