Saturday, July 7, 2018

Just One Little Bake Sale

What's been happening along our borders has been on everyone's minds lately. Many of us feel helpless, wondering what we can do. A check sent here to the ACLU  - American Civil Liberties Union  or to church groups helps a little. yet we need to make a bigger impact. We need to have a bake sale.

The idea may sound trivial or even a bit cutesy - twee - as the British call it but a large bake sale with several home bakers participating can raise a substantial amount.Since the schools are closed for the summer, the best place to hold one is in your house of worship. Many churches, temples and mosques would be willing to help in setting one up.Then comes the meting out of who is going to bake what.Have as many different kinds of sweet and savory treats you can think of for it.No sweat if you're not a great baker. . You can whip up a batch of Rice Krispie treats using only your microwave. For extra money bake whole cakes, from crumb to Bundt and sell them along with cake slices. Savory bites such as pretzels and cheese twists are also big sellers. Bread bakers can show off their skills by contributing artesenal bread to the sale.The loaves will definitely bring in sales and more money because no one can resist homemade bread.

A bake sale can be expanded to include  refreshing drinks too. Homemade lemonade and lime ade are always popular and thirst quenching on a hot day. Now there are cold brewed teas that can be easily be made and served alongside cookies and cake. The same goes for cold brewed coffee. Make sure you have plenty of cups along with sugar and creamers, both non-dairy and regular for those who want them.This is also a good time to create brochures and literature explaining what is going on at our borders. Look, there may be opposition from the less enlightened. Ignore them. Explain that it's just a bake sale and not some kind of political or anti-government rally. If you know any immigration lawyers invite them to explain along with clergy and clerics. to calm down any tense situations. What matters is that you're helping in some way for  families  to reunite.

It's just a bake sale = but it's a bake sale with weight. Those chocolate chips and slices of devil's food will help in alleviating a horrible situation. It's a start - one filled with sweetness and hope

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