Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Big January Clean

Now that the holidays are over , it's time to clean out the kitchen. A snowy weekend in  means time to assess what you have, what needs to be thrown out and needs to be repurposed. It's a great way of figuring out what 's good and what's not.

There may be some baking ingredients left over from last month's big bake off. Chocolate chips can still be good and reused in everything from sundaes to rice puddings. Sprinkles can be scattered over ice cream or hot chocolate. Check to see if any leftover nuts are still good to eat. These are the first to go rancid . If that's the case toss. Cake mixes can last up to anywhere from a year to three years while cookie mixes can be used within twelve months. It's also a good time to evaluate all those cans. Canned beans usually can last a long time.If you have a few cans and  tomato sauce then think about making . chili This is a great dish to also get rid of any left over roasts. Tins of tomatoes can be repurposed into making sauces for future pasta dishes.Any extra boxes of pasta can go either Italian or Chinese, depending on the ingredients. you have around. It can also go into a fun spaghetti pie . the fridge needs to cleaned out too. Those cocktail olives from the your Christmas party probably should be tossed by now Check condiments too.Mayo can only last two to three months while ketchup lasts longer at eighteen months.

Luckily stale bread, crackers and snacks can be tossed to the birds and fact you can go to any big parking lot and feed the gulls and land birds as well as hitting your local beaches to feed gulls and other sea birds. Leftover bread can be turned into a tasty bread pudding, perfect for a frosty day.Old fruit and veg can also be thrown out to any raccoons and possums in your neighborhood. The same goes for cereals.  Just remember that cereal can last up to six months.  Another idea is turning them into fun treat bars.It doesn;t have to be just Rice Krispies. Cheerios can also be used. Add some leftover chocolate chips or sprinkles for color and taste.They can also be crushed and used to coat chicken for chicken fingers or fried chicken  Any rice cereal can also surprisingly be  used for coating fish for a perfectly crunchy coating. If you have a lot of oatmeal,yes, it makes for a good  hearty breakfast but it can also be used for cookies as well as for crisps.Use it and any leftover flour from holiday baking to make oatmeal bars. Make it healthy with the addition of honey and wheat germ.

January is the time for cleaning out. Evaluate what you have. . decide if it can be repurposed or thrown out. Cleaning out will make for more room and a tidier kitchen.

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