Tuesday, June 13, 2017

While I'm Away

Unfortunately , I will be going for major surgery and with that time away from the kitchen. It means prepping and cooking before hand.It also means taking out food too.

If you are facing anything from surgery to even a vacation away from the kids, make sure the pantry, fridge and freezer are well stocked. The obvious is making casseroles so the whole family can eat a rib sticking meal. If the weather is too hot then , just keep in mind about lighter fare and that includes salad. It may pay to have groceries home delivered with all the right ingredients for a fresh , vegetable dinner. Stop & Shop's  Peapod lets you get the same fresh produce and meats that you'd buy yourself. They also have meal prep kits that have all the ingredients plus instructions on how to make themThe choices are varied, from eggplant Parmesan to  baked mac. Even the kids can make their  honey Dijon chicken, steak au poivre or salmon with creamy lemon dill sauce. Peapod can also deliver toilet paper , cleaning supplies and pet food too.Definitely sign up with them if you're laid up and cannot go food shopping.They'll even throw in coupons too.

Eating take out is another option however be wary. Too much of a good thing may be a bad thing. It's great if you're friendly with diner owners and privately owned restaurants. The owners probably know your tastes and favorite dishes, They can easily cook up a healthy meal for the whole family., and even provide extras like more gravy or  napkins. Sometimes they'll even through in a dessert for free too. As for fast foods, be wary . It's easy and a treat to always order burgers, fried chicken and fries, Once or even twice in a week is fine, but not every night. One of the best is Wendy's. They have a good and varied selection of salads in different sizes from half and full. There are also baked potatoes that can be just sprinkled with salt and pepper for a healthy side.Another healthier fast food is Subway which can make up fresh, non-greasy sandwiches in all sorts of varieties. They now even have roasted chicken which can go well with their sliced tomatoes and avocados.Q'doba Grill is a good choice too. The ingredients are not frozen and you can create a more nutritious and fat free tacos and rice bowls.

If you're laid up, you have to rethink  how you cook and shop. Take it easy. Have a plan. Let others do your work. You deserve a break.

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