Saturday, June 3, 2017

Road Trip - Moby's Lobster Deck

What do you do on a beautiful late Spring day in New Jersey? You head to the Jersey shore and if you're like me  - you head to Moby's the outdoor division of  another favorite Bahr's.
 The kitchen is down below this while the bar is on the connecting step; That green  and beige strip in the background is Sandy Hook, one of the most historic and natural sites on the American East coast. Moby's Lobster Deck is part of the famed Jersey seafood house, Bahr's that's known for its' chowder, lobsters, and homemade biscuits.It's located across from this famed beach in the Atlantic Highlands,(on the Nevasink River. Geraldo Rivera has been known to visit Bahr's via his yacht).The Bahr family owns both with the latest generation running Moby's.
As you can see Moby's has the gamut of both sea and land.I have yet to try the humongous ribs and shrimp platter (which is really for two) or the sea dog, a kind of cod hot dog (!)They do have good burgers , hand made and juicy along with crisp fries.

My favorite? This:
check out the old fashioned- soda straw.!!

A bowl of Manhattan clam chowder with oysterettes.. They're is full of juicy clam chunks along with cubes of potato. The broth is tomato based cooked with sage and other spices for a delicious spoonful.. It's just the perfect dinner or snack. Moby's even sells ice cream and frozen treats such as frozen chocolate covered bananas. Of course I had the coconut covered one. Yum!!!!

There's nothing like a road trip to the northern part of the Jersey shore. Go - and stop at Moby's Lobster Deck. It's a great way to end a fun beach day.

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