Friday, June 2, 2017

Hot Dog ! Choices!

what is the most versatile food out there? The humble hot dog. There are so many different ones, and ways to cook them. You can create corn or pigs in blankets. Try it with chili or kraut. They are the most easiest and versatile main meals to make.

The first aspect to consider is what kind of dog to get. Nathan's and Sabretts' have the best,especially the last, Theirs' is one hundred per cent beef and cook up nicely, creating  a nice juicy inside and crispy skin.These are the ones  I like,  and they coo up  well on my stovetop grill. Oscar Mayer does have the lower calorie turkey dogs while Trader Joe's has uncured (??) chicken ones. If you're fond of eating them, the consider the last, simply for calories. There are also soy dogs which are good for vegans, Morningstar Farms has their frozen which takes longer to cook than the meat ones . These can be thawed out in the microwave first, on defrost Now comes the cooking method. again, I love my little mini grill which is perfect for cooking up to two to three dogs at a time. They're cooked in a small , melted knob of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
You can also use boiling water or even cooking them with sauerkraut for more flavor.

As for buns, I prefer the potato kind. They've got a sweetness to them and they also are good grill toasted (to do this, just lay them bottoms down butterfly style on one side of the grill for a minute ) KiIng's Hawaiian Roll lovers will rejoice for their new addition of hot dog rolls. They also have sub rolls too for a chewier texture. Many hot dog joints throughout New Jersey, such as Rutt's Hutt and the Galloping Hill Grill use the jaw widening Portuguese rolls. These are fine if you want more bread than meat, however they're great if you're also adding relish , cheese or any other extras. Now about those extras, you can zing your dogs of choice with everything from hummus drizzled on top to large clumps of sauerkraut stuffed inside the rolls. You could also create the fun barbecue crunch dogs. Add a good amount of any kind of barbecue sauce to the bun, then top with barbecue flavored potato chips. Cheddar dogs  can be another treat. Instead of that gooey jarred kind, try shaved curls of sharp English for real flavor.

Have fun with your hot dogs. Pick the ones you like and go wild with creativity. Try them with sweet buns or sharp cheddar. Make them your own signature  delicious dogs.

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