Monday, June 26, 2017

Don't Cater To Your Caterers

A catered affair should be classy and elegant, with amazing arrays of food and drink. Yet, surprisingly this isn't the case in many situations. A lot of banquet halls seem to have the upper hand when it comes to planning their clients fetes. Is this right? No. Don't cater to the people planning your big day.

This was brought home when I attended a friend's do for his daughter. At first it looked like a lush  luncheon , almost too much for a baptism. There were all kinds of foods , from the brunch classic , the omelet bar to the carving board, full of ham, turkey and pork roll. One side of the room has about fifty or sixty different kinds of dessert , Creme brule shared the spotlight with both white and milk chocolate fountains along with every kind of cake from strawberry to carrot. There was only one small problem. We had to share all this grub with the Sweet Sixteen party occurring in the next room. A fight broke out between the two groups a sort of Darwinian survival of the fittest and hungriest party guests. It  not something my friend or his family needed on this blessed day. Let this be a lesson. Make sure the food you want is yours exclusively.I'm sure both parties were surprised  - to say the least - at having communal food tables.Ask about exclusivity when scoping out the place. Will the food served be just for your party? Why is our buffet also someone else's?Of course read reviews too and if this is mentioned, then look for another place.

Another problem was the lack of soft drinks and juices. There were only two drinks offered - water and mimosas/ Kids could only have orange juice or water. I understand the fact that my friend wanted the invited little ones to have something healthy to drink but he could have also sprung for a pitchers of apple juice on the table. As for us adults, it was impossible to even get a much needed glass of soda. He had opted for everything else, including entertainment but not for six dollar pitchers of soda on each  table. The guests had to pay two dollars plus tip for a glass of Coke. Another important factor when you're planning a luncheon or dinner  is asking  what kind of hard and soft drinks will be provided. Don't opt for limits or "You can have either this or that but not both." The banquet hall should have given more options.They should have served a sparkling white wine instead of mimosas and also offer pitchers of soft drinks or iced teas.Don;t settle or get talked into having  just one expensive drink. I found  the idea too limiting and annoying , especially when I was looking for a non-alcoholic choice of beverage.

Caterers should cater to you. Don't agree to what they want if it's not what you want. It's your affair. Have it the way you want .

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