Monday, May 1, 2017

May Gifts From Mom to The Bride To Be

It's May  and we all know what that means - gift seaso for moms and future brides. Between Mother's Day and the start of bridal shower season,, everyone from kids to coworkers have to think of an interesting and memorable gifts. The best bet? Kitchenware. It's not only practical, but fun.

What to get those mothers and brides who like to cook? There's a plethora of items that would excite any cook.Cookbooks are always a good start , especially for those home chefs who love to experiment with different cuisine.You can also buy accompanying accoutrements and create a theme. Have a tangine pot along with basmati rice and spices to go along with a Morroccan themed cookbook. Think a pasta maker paired with an Italian cookbook  or a crepe pan to go with a book on French cooking.Another great idea for the modern home chef is a tablet stand . After all many home chefs and bakers now get their recipes from the web. Unfortunately, many of the tablets don't have stands and hotly have to lay flat on a usually messy table. This is where they get doused with flour or splashed with water or gravy. Keep them from this with a lucite stand that elevates them and also makes the tablet easier to read. Target has them for as low as thirty dollars and can be bought in either black or white , either one going with any kitchen decor.It even has a stylus pen so no greasy or floury fingerprints . For five dollars more there 's the stand that comes on top of a paper towel holder.This actually holds the tablet at eye level - so no bending down anymore to read it.

There are also some great no-tech gift ideas too. Nothing beats a lovely set of all cotton dish towels.I recently received a pair of them from my very best friend of almost forty years.

As you can see they are not just pretty,a throw back to a simpler time in cooking and in kitchens.It's also practical, being made with a very sturdy , moisture absorbent cotton. The top ecru ones are crocheted and would even make lovely place mats.These are easy to make for  those who know how to knit and crochet.. My towels came with this
A really elegant bottle of dishwashing soap. It's an aromatic blend of lavender and rosemary that not only leaves dishes clean has my smelly kitchen sink with a fresh , garden scent.

May brings flowers but it also brings Mother's Day and the start of the bridal shower season. Pick gifts that are not only pretty but practical. Thye'll be appreciated for years to come.

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