Monday, April 10, 2017

Warm Weather Prep

The temps are going to hit the 80's  and that means one thing - outdoor eating! It's time to gear up for barbecues and picnics. Before you say goodbye to indoor cooking and eating, there's a few things to consider

It is time to set out the grill. Before you roast anything, take a long look at your old one. Try it out. Does it still work?If anything seems off or faulty then start looking at new ones. Lowe's and Home Depot have pre-season sales so now is the time to buy a name brand. Also, if you feel you need a bigger one, then switch out before they become more popular and your choices become limited. If you're happy with your old one, then it's time for cleaning. You should have grill cleaning tools to help along with soap. If you want to go all natural, baking soda and/or distilled vinegar should do the trick. Buy grill cleaning wipes too.They will help in cleaning those hard to reach nooks and crannies. Also buy an ash shovel, a stainless steel scooper and scraper which removes any of last year's residual ashes.Check all energy sources too. Buy a new tank of butane or check cords and wires if you have an electric grill.This is also the time to add on to the grill. Think about a condiment basket where you can store sauces , ketchup and mustard along with grill pans and heating tents.

That other outdoor activity - picnics are on people''s minds too as the temps heat up. As with the grill, look at your cooler and decide if you need a new one or will keep the one you have. If you were unhappy with a smaller one, then upgrade to a larger , rolling one. This is perfect for the park or the beach and is excellent for camping. It not only keeps drinks and water cool, but also salad containers too. There are also insulated picnic baskets too. These fit comfortably in any trunk or back seat. Again this is perfect for sandwiches, snacks and drinks.There are also picnic tote bag which packs a smaller meal for two or three people. Another aspect to think about is what kind of containers to buy. You could go with Tupperware which is pricey but durable.  - think a life span of over ten years but you can go with cheaper ones from Target,,Wal-Mart and even grocery stores such as Acme and Stop & Shop. For a more environmentally friendly basket , also consider melanine plates and utensils instead of styrofoam and paper plates and cups.These can be bought at Target in fun colors and patterns.Have plastic utensils too and reuse these, instead of throwing them out.

It's the season for eating out . Fire up the grill and get the picnic basket ready.It's time  to food al fresco again.

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