Saturday, April 1, 2017

Octopus Cupcakes

One of the latest trends this year is mixing seafood with sweets. It's a way of infusing those bad for you treats with brain food.Many home bakers will balk at it but once they'll change their minds once they  taste the brininess of the ocean married to chocolate or vanilla.It truly is a taste sensation.

For those who still question this, the answer is just ease into it. Start with fish sticks or fish fingers dipped in chocolate or caramel syrup. Yes, it's an eye opening departure  from tartar sauce and ketchup, but it is tasty. The sweetness reminds some of the fruity tasting duck sauce served in Chinese restaurants. (and let's face it - ketchup is just as sweet as well). Anther way of jumping into the sweet seafood craze is by adding a scant cup of flaked fish to any cake or cupcake batter. The mildest is cod, used in fishsticks.It is more delicate than the robust salmon and tuna. These would be great mixed in with chocolate.Of course one of the best combos is any flavor cake with octopus.It's so versatile that it can go with with every kind of cake flavor from Red Velvet to butter. Octopus cupcakes would be the perfect treat at any little boy birthday party. It contains cake with something icky - every kid's fantasy.

Seafood can even find its' way into fancy desserts such as croquembouche . These are tiny cream puffs piled on top of each other to create a tree. This is a time to really go crazy with the seafood -sweet trend. Try mackerel, It is a bit oily  but a squirt of lemon will make it more compatible to the rich vanilla pastry cream. For a sweet punch of color add the coral fleshed salmon.Yes, it's great in a chocolate or devils;' food cake.It is sublime and pretty when blended with a pale yellow cream For a surprise, try chopped shrimp  too. It has a nice meatiness that works well with the other textures.For larger cream puffs think the meatier monkfish and lobster.Pair with a creme caramel for a truly lush flavor and mouth feel. Monkfish and lobster are also good filling for eclairs too.It's a nice way of combining a posh dinner with an even posher dessert.Lobster can also go with that elegant French dessert pot du chocolat - a rich dark chocolate pudding enriched with egg yolks. A bit of lobster tail can even be used as a garnish on top.

If this seems a bit outrageous to you check today's date. Got you , foodies!😋😋😋

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