Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Homemade Easter Sweets

Easter is a time of fun and treats. What would be more fun than making your own sweets and treats for the bunny's basket. Surprisingly it's easy to recreate such classics as jelly beans and  marshmallow chicks. along with chocolate eggs filled with surprises. It's not only a neat thing to do , but also helpful. Parents don;t have to worry about allergies. Everything is home made  under watchful eyes,

Jelly beans are one of the most classic and most recognizable of any Easter goody. The first thing you'll need is a jelly bean mold. These can be bought on Amazon or EBay (there's usually fifty-five hollows on each pan). The recipe is pretty straightforward. It's mixing one quarter of a cup of gelatin with one cup of water and two cups of white sugar.Cornstarch is also added along with a pinch of salt. The flavor comes from the half a cup of juice added. If you're adventurous , you may want to mix juice like orange and grape or make novelty beans like cranberry and fruit punch.It's then cooking all the sugars and water along with the gelatin which will give the beans body. If this may seem too much then think homemade Peeps. Creating them  does involve a lot of ingredients, such as egg whites. corn syrup and of course gelatin for body,It's basically making a syrup and blending it in with stiffened egg whites. It  will come out in sheets and has to set overnight. .Use chick shaped cookie cutters that have been dipped in cold water to cut out the familiar  shape. Dust with colored sugar and use melted chocolate to make the eyes,

Perugina eggs are known for their fun gifts tucked inside either milk or dark chocolate eggs.Again a big surprise is that you can create your own. Amazon sells the molds for the large eggs for about nine dollars. You do have to temper the chocolate before pouring it into the molds which have to be scrupulously clean before using. Tempering chocolate is nothing more than melting it. I'd recommend using those chocolate discs that Michael's sells as opposed to chocolate chips. This is a glossier chocolate that will have a  nice sheen to it when it's hardened. It's then coating the two sides of the mold and then "soldering" them together by first gently [placing them on a hot cookie sheet and then gently sticking them together. If you want to put a toy (Or a gift certificate for older kids) inside , wrap it in Saran wrap  and then seal. Let cool. You can ice it with buttercream icing or melted white chocolate.Coconut eggs are a big Easter treat. The basic recipe is like a variation of cream cheese frosting except a cup of flaked coconut is added. The candy is them shaped into eggs and frozen for two hours. It 's them melting either milk or dark chocolate chips and dipping the eggs into the melted chocolate.

Happiness is a basket of Easter goodies.Home made ones are even more special. Create some tasty treats for the bunny's basket this holiday - and save some beans and Peeps for yourself too!

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