Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Hole In The Wall Cuisine

You see them  in strip malls and on city corners.They look inviting - even enticing.What are these seductive eateries? Hole in the walls. Do they serve good dishes? Surprisingly , yes.

For the fussiest foodie, dodgy joints are the absolute no-no.However, if the restaurant has a good health rating an A or even a B to B+, then it's perfectly OK to visit. Even if these aren't convincing enough, study the traffic coming in and out.If there are many people going in and staying then you know it's good.Of course, you've probably checked out Yelp too, however some restaurants are not on it.If that is the case, then ask diners what they ordered and if they liked it. Many diners are neighborhood regulars who eat at the restaurant three to even five times a week. They will tell you what they like, what to avoid and what specials are good. Your nose should be another indicator of what to order. If it smells good and makes your mouth water, then order what ever's on the grill Some even have buffets where you can choose what looks tasty. Follow other diner's cues and choose what they're putting on their plates. Bakeries are a lot easier, because all the goods are on display and the help is always eager to answer any questions about the cakes and cookies

One of the benefits in hole in the wall cuisine is that it expands your palate. Many Thai restaurants are, like DD Thai of Rochelle Park NJ, situated in small strip malls.They may look like nothing, but once inside, they're little gems of glamour.There are plush banquettes and glittery chandeliers, while serving a varied and delicious menu.It's where I fell in love with their pad se ew, along with their traditional Thai salad with that mouth watering peanut dressing they put on their salads.I've eaten at strip mall Italian restaurants where they feature gnocchi and risotto, and they're made just as delicious as the same dishes cooked in fancier Manhattan restaurants.  yes, you can get pizza , spaghetti and calzone here but then they offer more sophisticated fare to more adventurous diners. Strip malls can also hold such exotic fare as Ethopian and Ghanian restaurants along with Indian buffets where biryani and naan is served.These prove a boon to those tired of the usual hamburgers and fries or pizza and soda. Another fun facet of these "hole in the wall places" is that they're not afraid to experiment, There are many "fusion restaurants" that feature Chinese and Mexican on the same plate or soul food married to Jamaican cuisine. These definitely expand a diner's palate and introduces him or her to a wider variety of dishes and tastes.

Home in the wall cuisine is an adventure. Fnd the right restaurant and you go on a culinary adventure. Try it. It'll be a fun visit.

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