Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Proper Washing Up

One of the lost kitchen arts is properly washing up after a meal. nhome chefs have no clue about how to hand wash china or stemware. Everyone, home chef or not, should have some knowledge of it. It will come in handy , especially if the dishwasher goes on the fritz or they move out of their mom's house,

One of the first things to consider is what dish detergent to use. Dawn is one of the best.A little goes a long way so one bottle can last to two months, even if you wash dishes three times a day. Not only, that it's gentle , with a line that features skin softening ingredients along with ones that features blends of scents that act like aroma therapy when you wash dishes. They also have a free and clean line that has no perfumes or dyes.Another good one is Seventh Generation that is all natural, Stop & Shop also has a good dishwashing soap too, that is gentle yet strong.The next step is donning rubber gloves to protect hands and nails. This is good if you've just had a manicure and don't want to ruin it. The gloves can be bulky though, and they can cause dishes and glasses to slip and break.Now the icky part - cleaning off those orts of food. Use a fork and just scrape everything into the garbage or directly into the backyard compost heap.. This prevents clogging which can lead to an expensive visit from the plumber later on. Fill the sink with hot water.It has to be very hot yet tolerable. Hot water not only sanitizes germs, but also helps in degreasing pots and pans.

Now you're all set to load the sink. Put the bigger items in first so they can soak. These are the plates, mugs and items such as pots and pans that are caked with food. Start with the silverware. It's the germiest snce it's goes in people's mouths. Plunge one piece at a time into the water while vigorously scrubbing it. Study it before putting it in the drying rack.If there's still food on it, rescrub. Use your fingers or steel wool to get it off. Wash other items such as cups and glasses that also come into contact with mouths.Regularly change the water because it will get dirty fast. Now it's time for the pots and pans., Add a little more soap and water to pans that still have burnt food stuck onto them and allow them to soak.Afterwards dry utensils, dishes, pots and pans with a clean dry  terry cloth dish towel. Some people prefer microfiber towels. They do wick away moisture very quickly and wash and dry faster than regular dish towels. The feel though, is funny.I prefer terry cloth because it 's gentle on plates and glasses surfaces and they wash and dry just as nicely as the microfiber. You can also let dinnerware air dry too. Remember to rinse out your sponge too, as well as cleaning the sink to rid of it of any food bits and soap. If the sink is dirty, bleach it ..It could easily get stained from red wine, coffee and tea being dumped in it before hand,

Properly washing dishes and utensils may be a lost kitchen art but it's a vital one. It pays to know how to clean dirty plates and glasses.Use time honored methods for sparkling results.

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