Monday, March 27, 2017

Your Spring Planning Guide

Spring is a time of holiday and party planning, thanks to Easter and Passover.It's also shower season  and graduation party season too. All of these bring a certain amount of panic. However, don't worry. Start plotting and planning  - and it'll be smooth sailing through this busy season.

Easter and Passover require thought. Even though they're a couple of weeks away it's time to begin to write all sorts of lists The most important is the guest list. Who's coming - who's coming for both dinner and dessert and who's just stopping by for dessert.Another important list is an allergy and likes and dislikes. list.. There's also the question of the ham. Do  you want a dry or wet one? Do you want to just serve it as the solo main dish or have an accompanying leg of lamb? What about the vegans in you life? What will they eat? As for sides, do you want Spring fresh asparagus or go for more heartier fare such as homemade potato salad and baked beans? Passover also brings about several dilemmas for the home chef  Will a brisket be satisfying or lamb? would a leg of lamb be more satisfying than lamb chops?.Should the seder table be based on family traditions or jazzed up with a more trendy Mediterranean one that features za'atar and harissa? Also, should the desserts for both be a  buffet of different sweet treats or just one type of dessert. Another question, should the dinners be held outdoors if the weather is warm and sunny?

Showers and college grad parties will also crop up like Spring flowers.Many weddings take place in June and July so April and May are prime shower months. There may also be proposed baby showers too. Again the hosts not only have to start compiling lists but possible seating arrangements too. The last thing any party giver and celebrant need is a battle erupting. Another question is indoors or outdoors? If the house is too small, then consider a backyard venue which means start looking into tent, chair and table rentals. Now comes the next question is buffet or pot luck better? To be honest , people (and you do have to have to invite the opposite sex) are too busy gossiping and playing catch up to eat. Think about serving nibbles such as spinach pies or mini pizzas along with cheese puffs and small skewers of  cheese and veggies. Desserts can follow in the same vain with mini cupcakes and petit fours  iced with frosting that reflects the wedding's color scheme. Graduation parties also require planning too. Keep in mind that you may be housing  former dorm mates and roomies Respect their likes and dislikes along with allergies and culinary bent. If they can contribute great - they may even have some interesting contributions to the buffet.

Spring is hear and with it a varieties of holiday dinners and parties to plan.  Don't panic, Careful planning will help you get through this hectic season with ease.

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