Monday, March 20, 2017

The Importance Of Fiber

We all hear about how fiber is good for us, but do we actually know what it is? Or where to get it? What about its' benefits and drawbacks? It is a vital part of our everyday eating and can be found in even the simplest fruits, veggies , fruits, and breads.

Fiber or roughage is a dietary indigestible part of food derived from plants. There are two components. One is soluble fiber which is easily soluble in water.It ferments into gas when it hits the colon. It also gives the stomach a feeling of fullness which leads to a decreased appetite. The second component is insoluble fiber which is not water soluble.It' can be metabolically inert and provide bulking or it can be prebiotic - natural chemical that induce or growth of microorganisms that contribute to the well being of their host and metabolically ferment in the large intestine. Bulking fibers absorb water and eases pooping. Dietary fibers can act by change  the nature of the contents of the gastrointestinal tract. Food sources of it are often divided by whether they're soluble or insoluble.Plant foods contain both types in varying degrees. Your best bet for fiber is sticking to a mostly plant based  diet., namely dark green veggies and legumes. Meat has very little  - only about .028 a plant's six and  beans ' eight grams of fiber.

Switching to a fiber rich diet is easy.Foods that have soluble fiber include peas, and soybeans. along with almonds. There's a wide variety of fruits and veggies to choose from such as plums, prunes, berries and even avocados Broccoli and carrots are also right up there along with root tubers such as sweet potatoes and onions. Insoluble fiber based foods are abundant too.They're in whole grain foods such as cereal and brown breads., along with wheat and corn products. Grapes and tomatoes are also part of this group.Don''t throw away those potato skins. They're loaded with insoluble fiber. Cauliflower, zucchini and green beans are also on this list as are celery and nopals or prickly pear. Nuts and seeds are also made up of insoluble fiber so top off a salad or casserole with them. A fiber rich diet can be a tasty one. Think of a ratatouille served with warm crusty slices of whole wheat French bread or a zingy Mexican bean stew topped with shredded Monterey Jack soy cheese.A dish of cauliflower , celery and quartered plum tomatoes with a tahini dip will give you enough of a day's fiber while providing to be a yummy snack. A fun fiber filled meal is sweet potato fries  with a black bean burger. Sub in plank fries - French fries with the skins on for the sweet potato ones.

Fiber is a vital part of our diets. Make sure you get enough, whether in fruits, vegetables, nuts or grains. It'll provide for a healthy, problem free life.

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