Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Moore's Hot Sauce Zesting Up Your Chicken

The most important aspect of buffalo chicken wings is that they should be fiery with a nostril stinging zing.How to transform ordinary ones into this?Slather them with Moore's Original Buffalo Wing Sauce. It'll give ordinary wings and legs oomph.

The family owned Moore's of Jasper , Alabama is known for their sauces and marinades. They originally owned a local steak house known for their popular and freshly made sauces. They have grown from the original to a variety of different flavors. The original is a robust and hearty hickory flavor that even enhances wild game and veggies. For poultry and fish Moore's have created a lighter , more herbal sauce that can even be used as a salad dressing. Barbecuers who love a more exotic taste should definitely try both their teriyaki and Asian teriyaki wing sauce. Both are enhanced with sweet garlic, soy and ginger. It would be great for chicken but it would be a terrific marinade for grilled steaks. Home chefs who don't like heat and bite should try Moore's Creamy Ranch Buffalo Wing sauce, one of the mildest of all the Moore's sauces. It would even be good as a"secret sauce on chicken slidersor hamburgers. There's also Honey BBQ and Blue Cheese sauces that would go well not just on wings but legs and breasts do. For eye watering heat switch it up to their new Spicy Habenero sauce. which would be perfect in either turkey or chicken chilis or even in fajitas.

I tried their Orgiinal Buffalo wing sauce as a dip with chicken nuggets. Despite the mild label, it still has a eye opening zing. However, unlike other hot sauces, the heat doesn't linger that much on the tongue which, for me is a blessing ( I know there are some hot sauce aficionados out there that would say it's too mild). The ingredients are simple mostly being cayenne and vinegar. Both flavors make the sauce what it is. - There is a burst of heat followed by a decided tang. Liquid margarine gives it a silky texture that is a nice contrast to the fire. It's good as a dipping sauce for any chicken product from nuggets to legs and wings.  It would also be a good marinade for grilled chicken leaving behind a zesty but not too  zingy taste. Another idea is marinating chicken breasts in it, and then creating it a sauce , using the sauce along with extra margerine and tomatoes to be served over rice Moore;s recipes include using the sauce for sliders and even in a spicy shrimp gumbo.

Moore's Original Buffalo Wing Sauce is the perfect foil for those wings . They're also good for legs and breasts too. Try it for a zingy and zesty change of pace.

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