Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Lessons From A Lenten Diet

Today is Ash Wednesday , the beginning of Lent.It's a time when most Christians, especially Catholics give up foods that they love. It's a good time to rethink one's diet and maybe keep the fasting up for a healthier lifestyle all year round..

Most people usually give up desserts during Lent. It's a good idea to carry this through the year. Many lose their taste for sugar and even the taste of cakes and ice cream after forty days. They realize that they can sub in healthier  sweets such as fruit to satisfy their cravings.Instead of cookies or a slice of Red Velvet , they'll nosh  on bananas and grapes. Candy is another Lenten no-no. Again, it's so easy to swap Kisses and Gummy Bears with pineapple chunks and apple slices. It's a better choice that can lead to better daily choices. Instead of reaching for peanut butter cups, they'll now eat apple slices dipped in peanut butter. Giving up any sweet is hard, especially if you go cold turkey, but your body will adjust. After forty days, those cupcakes and Oreos may not seem as appetizing as they did back around Valentine's Day.Another good thing about Lent is that whole families can give up  the same foods and support each other. They can also discover healthy food together too which benefits everyone from the oldest to the youngest.

Some people give up savory foods too. A few people nix potato chips and dip during this time. This can be tough , especially if they're nightly snackers or head straight to the chip bowl at a party. An easy substitute is tortilla chips.  As we all know, there's no grease or extra salt to deal with. Another plus is that they go well with salsa, another low calorie treat. Make it with fresh tomatoes, onions, and peppers or buy the jarred kind. Popcorn and pretzels are also great alternatives the first being high in fiber while the second is high in n9iacin. Some really go hardcore with the fasting such as the Greek and Russian Orthodox and forego meat, dairy, and oil along with sweets. This is an extremely healthy way to  become a full out vegan,  however be warned. Many people who just go vegan for other reasons have a bad habit of also foregoing proteins. Doing such  can cause moodiness and irritability along with sleeplessness. and a lack of energy. Seek out soy products right away and incorporate them into the diet from day one.. Try Morningstar Farms soy products  which has everything from bacon and sausage patties to chicken nuggets and beef crumbles. As for dairy, it's a good time to discover soy and almond milk , along with soy cheese and ice cream.

Lenten fasting can be the gateway to a year round healthier lifestyle. Start now with giving up the bad stuff.In forty days  you'll won;t even miss the sweets, dairy or meats.

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