Friday, March 24, 2017

A Dash Of Citrus For Spring

Spring cooking usually means lighter fare, from breakfast to lunch, from dinner to desserts.What gives any food a bright, light taste is a dash of citrus. Add a squeeze of lemon or a wedge of grapefruit for a refreshing, airy flavor .They're the perfect addition to any meal., drink or dessert

Grapefruits were the subject of an article in Wednesday's New York Times Food section.David Margolick, a contributing editor at Vanity Fair Magazine wrote about the classic white seeded grapefruit most people grew up eating.It became almost extinct but thanks to preservationists , it's on its' way to becoming an heirloom breed. Napoleon's surgeon brought it to Colonial Florida and it has been a classic in American cooking from then on.. If you want a tasty Spring side dish try another Food writer Melissa Clark's recipe for grapefruit slices with olive oil and salt.It's just slicing  the fruit into rounds and drizzling olive oil over them. Flaky sea salt is  then scattered on top of them. Try this with roasted chicken or even the first outdoor grilled salmon of the season.It can also go into a salsa with lemons and limes along with oranges for sweetness. A grapefruit cake also makes a lovely change of pace for an Easter or bridal shower dessert.It can also be turned into a refreshing sorbet or even gelato for the warm days ahead.

Lemons become a popular flavoring in the Spring. It is vital in preparing a Greek Easter feast.Lemon juice  along with olive oil, and  Greek oregano are poured over the cut and then cooked for two hours. The meat's juices mix with this heavenly combination  called zoumi. It's spooned over the lamb slices and potatoes along with being sopped up with crusty bread. It also figures in their salad dressing too, adding zing to a garlicky vinaigrette. Lemon along with lime will be key to  creating deliciously refreshing ades and iced teas when the Spring temps start rising. They'll be a nice change to all those sodas . Add some seltzer to make them fizzy and fun.Limes will also get double duty when barbecue season kicks off soon. Mix a cup and a half of it with garlic, olive oil and garlic for a tasty marinade for chicken wings and legs.The verdant green fruit can also be perfect for marinating shrimp in cerviza.Mexican beer and two tablespoons of tequila  are mixed with it to create a tasty marinade. Oranges are still in season so include them in any recipe. Add their juices to pulled pork for a different spin on a classic sandwich or marinate a steak in freshly squeezed juice. A perfect Spring dessert is orange cake with orange icing,

Spring is here. Add a jolt to Spring cooking and baking with a touch of any citrus. Their zing is a refreshing touch to creating a light and airy meal.

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