Thursday, February 16, 2017

Your New Go To Sauce Lemon Curry Butter Sauce

Sauces add to any dish, whether it's chicken or broccoli. Unfortunately, what usually works for meat may not work for veggies and vice versa. Yet there is one sauce - and a simple one, too, that can go well with any kind of main or side dish.

Melissa Clark wrote about  and experimented with lemon curry butter in her A Good Appetite column in yesterday's New York Times Food section.It's a simple recipe consisting of butter, minced garlic, herbs, spices and a squirt of lemon. The herbs and spices are not scary.It's ground curry and grated ginger melded with minced thyme leaves.Four tablespoons of butter will do it. Too much more will make it too rich. The amount of garlic used is also up to the cook. Ms. Clark likes a lot which is obvious in the amount - four. This can be winnowed down to one or two if the taste is too intense. The same philosophy applies to the spices.It doesn't have to be curry.Anything from the spice cabinet will do. The curry does lend a smoky flavor but cumin, paprika and coriander would work just as well. The same goes for the thyme. Try dill or dried instead. The only ingredients that really can't be changed are the lemon zest and the butter.Margarine wouldn;t work, nor would olive oil. Get a good butter like Kerrygold or Plusgras unsalted butter.

What would the sauce go with? Ms. Clark recommends such fish as blackfish , or hake. These are very mild in flavor which works well with the sauce's robust taste. Hake is the cheaper of the two but
 it has a less refined texture. The meat is very flaky and it is delicious, however,  Ms. Clark warns not to overcook it. Home chefs could also try flounder too. The sauce isn't just for fish. It would be good with chicken breasts and egg noodles. Serve it over leftover chicken to jazz it up. Unlike sauces that only  work for poultry and seafood , this one can do wonders for any steak. Think about drizzling it over skirt steak before broiling it.Veggies, especially the root ones, benefit from this bold sauce. It works well with the milder tasting ones such as turnips and beets, although the sauce  would be excellent with carrots. It could even work with asparagus and red, fingerling potatoes.Just go light on the garlic and curry so that the veggies shine through,

Lemon curry butter is snap to make and is versatile for any kind of main and side dish. Try it with fish or serve it with carrots. Liven up chicken breasts or turnips. It's the perfect go to for any meal.

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