Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Hottest Cooking Trend The Instant Pot

There is a new star in the kitchen these days and it's the Instant Pot. This multipurpose cooker has been winning hearts and taste buds and its' fan club is growing bigger by the day.Is it that special?Is it a home chef's must have? Possibly.

Melissa Clark wrote about this phenomenon in today's New York Times Food section. Home chefs have written glowing reviews on it on Amazon..It is probably used more than the stove and microwave these days.There is a reason for this. The Instant Pot is not just a pressure cooker.It's also a rice cooker, yogurt maker and slow cooker., which makes it that much more desirable, especially to home chefs with small kitchens.There is also the growing trend too, in its' favor. Electric pressure cookers are one of the fastest growing  kitchen appliances with sales doubling and tripling over the last four years.Over three million units have been sold in 2015.It's been on Amazon's top ten best seller list for 2016.Why is it so popular. There are a number of reasons.It's designed with many self- regulating safety features such as sensors to monitor the unit's temperature and amount of's also easy to use - just tap a button and that;'s's also cooks faster than the regular slow cooker. Instead of a whole day, the dish is ready is in half an hour.

How does it cook? Ms Clark tried a variety of different meats. and veggies.Pork shoulder turned out heavenly. Lamb shanks took only forty minutes to cook and the result was a silky soft texture.It only took spare ribs twenty minutes to cook and they were done to perfection. It cut the time to cook down a collagen-rich beef bone broth into one afternoon instead of two days. Unfortunately chicken didn't fare so well. The skin was rubbery and soggy while the meat turned out to be stringy and dry with undercooked dark meat. Her steamed chicken breasts with ginger turned out much better. Veggies also came out blah, Ms.. Clark experimented with a variety of different ones and the only exceptions that came out just right were beets and artichokes. Don't think about putting broccoli, kale zucchini, fennel or it. They'll just turn limp, soggy and unappealing. Desserts can be cooked in it and Ms. Clark gives a chocolate pudding recipe that can be made in less than half an hour. The Instant Pot also whips up a good batch of yogurt too  however it's so so for rice. One of the best functions is that it perfectly hard boils eggs creating ones with easily peel off shells.

The Instant Pot is the newest star of the kitchen. It has a growing fan base  of home chefs who love it  for a variety of different tasty and delicious dishes. It's time to abandon the stove for this miracle multi-talented pressure cooker..

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