Thursday, February 9, 2017

My Orange Cranberry Loaf Day

As the world knows we had a monster blizzard today in northern New Jersey. It was a perfect day to -what else but bake. I had wanted to use my loaf pan and make a sweet bread. I turned to an old friend - Pillsbury.

This is an easy make. The mix only needs a cup of water, two eggs and two tablespoons of vegetable oil.I then beat it with my trusty wooden spoon about seventy to eighty strokes to create a well mixed batter.It was then poured  into a well greased (I used I Can't Believe It 's Not Butter) eight by four loaf pan,

and then set it into a 375 degree F oven for fifty minutes. It came out perfectly as you can see from the  top view.The sides rose well and it had the perfect center crack to it.

Another plus was the dense crumb, thick and rich , more like a pound cake than a bread. As you can see it was good with a fat slick of more I Can't Believe It's Not Butter.
I like this  mix.It was easy and quick to use along with producing a cranberry and orange rich bread. The taste is phenomenal and the mix comes loaded with craisins  - dried cranberries.I definitely want to try their other flavors, such as their apple cinnamon, chocolate swirl, cinnamon, swirl and date breads. They make a nice breakfast with a cup of tea or coffee.

That's what I did with my snow day. Anyone else do any fantastic baking or cooking? Let us know here at FP.

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